Petrangelo leads Super High Roller Bowl 8

Petrangelo leads Super High Roller Bowl 8

The Eighth Super High Roller Bowl, one of the most attractive and anticipated tournaments for high-stakes players this year, took place yesterday at PokerGO Studio . > Alia Resort & Hotel Casino wraps up his first day in Las Vegas with Nick Petrangelo as the clear chip leader.

The American powerhouse almost managed to triple his stack to a starting stack of 887,000 chips, putting him ahead of the 12 remaining players in this tournament. There were 20 registered entrants with prizes in excess of $300,000, creating a$6,000,000pool.

The top four finishers will win a “mini” cash prize of $600,000, with the first place taking home $2,760,000>, as well as 550 PokerGO Tour Points and a Super High Roller Bowl VIII Ring. The second place winner will receive $1,680,000 and the third place winner will receive $960,000.


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Following Petrangelo, who finished second behind last year’s winner Daniel Negreanu, is Andrew Lichtenberger, who finished third in 2022 name, and the current chip stack is 811,000. Other Sharks in the top half includeIsaac Haxton,Jason Koon,Cary Katz and Chris Brewer.

Meanwhile, defending champion Negreanu ended the day with 420,000 in chips and will return in good standing, while recent Poker Masters Purple Jacket winner Stephen Paul Jager Chidwick, Justin Bonomo, Kristen Fox andBrynn Kennywill also return to action the next day.

Negreanu wants to defend his title.

Among those who fell on the first day were Jonathan Jaffe, Oppong Kisakkoglu, Adrian Mateos, Alex Fox, Bill Klein, Dan Smith and Seth Davies.

Petrangelo added to his stack throughout the day, and later in the second night he secured a double-elimination victory. A flush on the flop eliminated Klein and Smith, allowing him to start day two. There were less than 150 big blinds left.

This Friday’s action continues in Las Vegas at 12pm – Level 7, blinds 3,000/6,000, big blind ante 6,000. Meanwhile, the broadcast on PokerGO starts an hour later.

Super High Roller Bowl 8

Buy-in: $300,000

Number of Entries: 20

Pot: 6,000 . 000

Blinds:Level 7 (3,000/6,000; Big Blind 6,000)

Average Chip Size: 500,000 Chips

Next money:4, 600,000 US dollars


1. Nick Petrangelo – 887,0002. Andrew Lichtenberg – 811,0003. Isaac Haxton – 644,0004° Jason Queen – 623,0005° Cary Katz – 486,0006 Chris Brewer – 466,0007 Paul Yeager – 439,0008 Daniel Negreanu – 420,0009 Stephen Chidwick – 404,00010 Justin Bonomo – 337,00011 Kristen Fox – 251,00012 Bryn Kenney – 208,000

Seat Draw

Table 1

First Place: Isaac Haxton – 644,000

Second Place: Daniel Negreanu – 420,000

Third place: Jason Koon – 623,000

Fourth place: Paul Jager – 439,000

Fifth place: – Empty -Sixth place: Kristen Foxen – 251,000Seventh place: Bryn Kenney – 208,000

Table 2

First Place: – Empty-Second Place: Chris Brewer – 466,000

Third Place: Andrew Lichtenberger – 811,000

Fourth Place: Justin Bonomo – 337,000

Fifth Place: Cary Katz – 511,000

Sixth place: Nick Petrangelo – 887,000

Seventh place: Stephen Chidwick – 404,000


1. $2,760,0002. USD 1,680,0003. US$960,0004. $600,000

The eighth Super High Roller Bowl winner’s ring and prize.

Petrangelo leads Super High Roller Bowl 8

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  • This text provides an overview of the Eighth Super High Roller Bowl tournament, including the chip leader, prize pool, and top players. It also mentions past winners and the upcoming schedule for the next day of the tournament. Overall, it provides relevant information and details for poker enthusiasts.

  • This text provides an overview of the Eighth Super High Roller Bowl tournament, highlighting Nick Petrangelo as the chip leader on the first day with a starting stack of 887,000 chips. The top four finishers will win cash prizes, with the first-place winner receiving $2,760,000, a Super High Roller Bowl VIII Ring, and 550 PokerGO Tour Points.

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