Million Year Sunday: Stories and the Return of $8M GTD

Sunday Million Anniversary: ​​The Story and Its 8...

PokerStars on Thursday launched the highly anticipated 2024 Sunday Million, one of the most prestigious tournaments in online poker. Celebrating its 18th anniversary, the event promises a landmark tournament with guaranteed prize money of $8 million and a seven-figure first prize.

The promotion is set to kick off on April 7th with a direct entry price of $215 and promises to make it accessible to most players via satellite, with freerolls, spins and entry into various prize draws.

Ricardo Nagatomo is the defending champion in Sunday’s Million Anniversary Race.

The winner of this massive tournament will win at least $1 million. PokerStars offers a variety of participation options, regardless of player balance. In a separate announcement, the space announced that several of its ambassadors and anchors will be live-streaming Sunday’s Millionth Anniversary.

Guaranteed amount is $8 million. An increase of $7.5 million from the previous term. In 2023, Brazilian Ricardo Nagatomo, better known as RFN1986, defeated 39,500 players over three days of intense competition to become the $1 million champion.

The Red Spade Room is already preparing a series of satellites that can help you score prizes in this potentially life-changing competition.

The Sunday Million began on March 5, 2006, more than four years into PokerStars’ history. This time, a total of 5,983 players took part in the event and wished Daryl aaaaaaaaa Jace the first winner of the tournament with $173,843 in prize money. Jess, who is immortalized in the history books, failed to foresee the impact the newly launched Sunday Championship would have.

Last year’s anniversary was the largest to date, with a jackpot of $18,603,200.

The one-year anniversary on March 11, 2007 was a milestone in the evolution of online poker, and the Sunday Million in particular. On that first birthday, the tournament guaranteed $1.5 million in prize money and marked the first time in its short history that more than 10,000 players participated. Sunday’s Millionth Anniversary

Now a look back at Sunday’s Millionth Anniversary. It is held every year starting from the fifth year, but previously only the first year was remembered and these were the contestants who later won.

Sunday Million Anniversary: ​​The Story and Its 8...

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  • This text is announcing the launch of the 2024 Sunday Million tournament by PokerStars. The event promises a guaranteed prize money of $8 million with a seven-figure first prize and offers various participation options for players of all balances.

  • Rippin.keaton

    This text provides information about the launch of PokerStars’ 2024 Sunday Million tournament, which is highly anticipated and offers a guaranteed prize money of $8 million. It also highlights previous winners and the growth of the tournament over the years.

  • Gertrude.mitchell

    The text highlights the launch of the 2024 Sunday Million poker tournament by PokerStars, offering a guaranteed prize money of $8 million and a seven-figure first prize. The event is set to be accessible to players through various participation options, including satellites and freerolls.

  • I think the text highlights the excitement and anticipation surrounding the launch of the 2024 Sunday Million by PokerStars, with a guaranteed prize pool of $8 million. It also mentions previous winners and the evolution of the tournament over the years.

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