Carlos Leiva becomes the new winner of the Millonaria Finals

Carlos Leiva becomes the new winner of the Millona...

Carlos Leiva’s dream comes true: the Argentine, who excelled at the final table, becomes the Final Millonaria in Enjoy Punta del Este of the championship and awarded the winner $440,000.

After six After hours of fighting, Leiva managed to defeat his last heads-up opponent, Luis Gonzalez, who had been eliminated five times in heads-up play, and lifted the trophy, pinning the Mexican to $180,950 The price ranks second.

The 2023 edition of the Gran Final Millonaria between Argentinian Carlos Leyva and Mexican Luis Gonzalez definition.

The podium was completed by Matías Méndez with US$100,000, becoming the best local player in Punta

Leiva’s performance in this mythical championship Heading into the final day as the chip leader, this tournament is part of ACR Poker with a guaranteed $1.5 million in prize money Have a great 2023 Poker Tour. Saturday’s match started with nine players and the official FT was established when Iván Monteagudo was eliminated early in the match.

The famous “Friend of the Champion”: the track never left him.

While Leiva is no longer the day’s chip leader at this point, he has a clear target in mind when he defeats Augusto Hagen (8th, $35,000), (6th, $50,000) and Jose Berguncio (5th, $60,000) Followed by.

After Jesse Woolford retired in fourth place, Leiva prepared to eliminate the two players who separated him from victory. First, he defeated Charrúa Méndez, and then he defeated Tricolor González.

So begins Enjoy Punta’s beautiful table Punta del Este.

The Mexican has had a good year in his country’s championship and came to Enjoy Punta del Este to show off some of his highlights. That’s why he ended the season on a high note with a second-place finish.

The 2023 edition of the Millonaria Grand Final will feature 534 entrants and a prize pool of $1,500,000, distributed to players from the 53 best rankings.

Carlos Leiva becomes the new winner of the Millona...

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  • It seems that Carlos Leivas had a successful and fulfilling experience at the Enjoy Punta del Este championship, winning the Final Millonaria and receiving a cash prize of $440,000. He managed to defeat his last opponent, Luis Gonzalez, who came in second place with a prize of $180,950.

  • I think that Carlos Leiva’s victory at the Enjoy Punta del Este championship is impressive, especially considering his strong performance at the final table. The competition was tough with 534 entrants vying for a prize pool of $1.5 million, making his win even more notable.

  • This text highlights the triumph of Argentine player Carlos Leyva in the Enjoy Punta del Este poker championship, where he defeated Mexican player Luis Gonzalez to win $440,000. Leyva’s impressive performance and strategic gameplay throughout the tournament secured his victory and solidified his status as a top poker player.

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