Breno Heleno wins $530 on PokerStars Builder HR

Breno Heleno beats Paulo Brombim in PokerStars hea...

Brazilian players scored in the PokerStars Championship on Thursday (07). With good prices, the Canarinho family significantly increased their respective balances. One of the highlights is Breno Heleno, known as “boraodota”.

In the $530 Bounty Builder HR competition, which attracted a total of 116 participants, Breno Heleno beat out compatriot Paulo Brombim “paulinhoo00” im Heads up to claim the title. They received the following bonuses: $15,998 and $7,623 respectively.

Also, Gabriel Medeiros came close to winning the Brazilian title again. Gabriel, who runs the Gremio CEM account, did very well against 2,604 participants in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition. He finished second in the tournament and earned $9,255. Finally, in the daily eliminations, professional Felipe Phil (aka “Nophilings”) from Samba Poker emerged victorious with $27 in prize money. The player competed against 1,903 entrants and emerged victorious. Phil won $6,067. See more Bounty Generators on EventPlayerPlace US $33 Breno Drumond “Breno2728” 1st place US$5,695 Bounty Generator US$109 “Originallyy” 1st place US$4,951 Bounty Generator US$44 Raphael Coelho “raphaelvgc” 1st place US$4,921 US$55 Mini Bounty Builder HR “rodrigo2595” 4. US$ 4,588 US$ 109 Mini Thursday Stimulus Thiago Azevedo “azevedo45” 3. US$ 4,570 US$ 530 Bounty Builder HR Late Edition Diogo Ferreira “offQbert45” 1. US$ 4,524 The Fast 7 US$ 55 Arthur Torres “AT_prodotico” 1. US$ 4,359 US$ 55 Daily Supersonic Victor Onizuka “darkziv” 1. US$ 4,189 Bounty Builder 162 US$ Daniel Camel “fauzika1” 1. US$ 4,138

Breno Heleno beats Paulo Brombim in PokerStars hea...

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  • This text highlights the success of Brazilian players in the recent PokerStars Championship, with notable wins and significant prize earnings. It showcases the talent and accomplishments of players such as Breno Heleno, Gabriel Medeiros, and Felipe Phil, who emerged victorious in their respective competitions.

  • Luciano.kling

    This text highlights the success of Brazilian poker players in various competitions, with notable achievements by players such as Breno Heleno and Gabriel Medeiros. It showcases the impressive prize money won by these players and emphasizes their skill and talent in the game.

  • Edythe.parker

    It appears that Brazilian poker players had a successful day at the PokerStars Championship, with several players winning significant cash prizes in various tournaments. Breno Heleno, Gabriel Medeiros, and Felipe Phil were among the standout performers, showcasing the strength of Brazilian talent in the poker world.

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