Artur Martirosyan wins WSOP bracelet

Artur Martirosyan wins first WSOP gold bracelet

The second WSOP gold bracelet comes to Russia! One of the most difficult competitions of the festival – the heads-up tournament – was won by our compatriot Artur Martirosyan!

The event has traditionally been expensive, with a $10,000 buy-in and a $10,000 prize. Player limit is 128. A lot of professionals signed up – there were hardly any random people there.

The tournament was tough, but Artur Martirosyan decided to make up for his heavy losses at the live poker tables. On the first day he faced some strong opponents: Alex Kulev, Gergely Kulzara, Ignacio Moron, Tamasz Adamski and Lingling Zhe.

After successfully passing the second day, Arthur started a match with Heikke Piir, which lasted more than an hour and a half longer. After defeating his opponent, Martirosyan successfully entered the heads-up match. One of his great rivals, Leon Sturm, could have been waiting for him there, but the talented German finished fourth for $121,342.

At the last game, Arthur was waiting for a young regular, Peter Knopp, under the Austrian flag. For Martirosyan, it was “easy prey.” The Russians quickly defeated their opponents, although the Austrians were clearly inferior to our players.

Artur has also been excluded from the ranks of pros without a gold bracelet since he finished as champion, earning $424,497 in prize money.

As Arthur himself As written, this was one of his most anticipated matches, and there was only one open amateur among the opponents – all the others were serious opponents.

Arthur’s chances of pulling off a double are high: Today, the most expensive tournament in the WSOP online series is taking place on PokerOK, with a buy-in of $25,000. The GGMillions finals with $10,300 in prize money and of course the Main Event with starting positions confirmed are also about to begin. Day 2 is still a few days away, however, as satellites start at $1.

Artur Martirosyan wins first WSOP gold bracelet

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  • Hortense.bayer

    This text highlights the victory of Russian poker player Artur Martirosyan in the second WSOP gold bracelet tournament, showcasing his skill and success in a competitive field. It also mentions upcoming high-stakes tournaments, suggesting that Martirosyan has good prospects for further success in the WSOP series.

  • It is impressive that a Russian player won the heads-up tournament at the WSOP and earned his second gold bracelet. It is clear that Artur Martirosyan faced tough competition and proved his skills at the poker tables. It will be interesting to see if he can continue his success in future tournaments with higher buy-ins.

  • I think the text is showcasing an impressive achievement by Russian poker player Artur Martirosyan in winning the WSOP gold bracelet in a tough heads-up tournament. He defeated skilled opponents and earned a significant prize money. His chances for further success in upcoming tournaments look promising.

  • I think the text is exciting and highlights the achievement of Russian poker player Artur Martirosyan in winning the WSOP gold bracelet in a tough heads-up tournament. It also mentions his upcoming opportunities to potentially win more titles in the WSOP online series events.

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