Suprema Brazil’s “pacifiergm17” carries the HighS seal

Suprema Brazil’s “pacifiergm17” bears the HighS se...

On Monday the 20th, “pacifiergm17” was crowned champion after defeating 104 opponents in the R$550 HighS. In total, he won 18,707 reais.

While “José Netto” earned R$ 18,622 for winning the R$ 550 Omax HR race, second place “EL.TIKITO” increased his R to $18,622.

See other results:

Event 29 SMS: R$ 75 Battle (1,393 entrants)

Winner: “ Kemper ” R$ 16,626

R$ 250 Battle HR (580 entries)

Winner: “italomfv” R$15,717

Event 28 SMS: 20 € Plus (1,596 entrants)

Winner: “Marcoolaa” 10,299 €

Event 27 SMS: 50 € Big Plus (570 contestants)

Winner: “KAlvim” R$ 8,321

Suprema Brazil’s “pacifiergm17” bears the HighS se...

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  • Raymundo.crist

    This text provides information about the winners and prize amounts in various gaming events. It highlights the achievements of pacifiergm17 and José Netto, who won significant amounts in their respective races. The text also mentions the winners and prize amounts in other events.

  • Sauer.jaquelin

    This text provides a summary of various gaming events where different individuals emerged as winners and earned varying amounts of money. The text mentions pacifiergm17 and José Netto as champions, highlighting their winnings, and also briefly mentions other winners and their respective prizes.

  • It sounds like pacifiergm17 and José Netto had impressive victories in the poker tournaments, earning a significant amount of money. It’s interesting to see the different prize amounts and number of entrants in each event.

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