Strike by 50,000 Las Vegas workers could lead to casino closures

Strike by 50,000 Las Vegas workers could lead to c...

An unprecedented event in nearly 40 years threatens to bring the famous Las Vegas Strip to a standstill and lead to what may be the largestmass protest of several events Casino Employees Recently.

For weeks, the famed resort’s approximately 53,000 waiters, housekeepers and other employees have been demanding better service under the slogan “One job is enough.” , but now seems to be ready to ask for an upgrade.

The Latino community is a major protagonist of this strike.

However, 95% of members of the Las Vegas Culinary Workers and Servers Union voted in favor of the strike call, according to local media reports. The exact date, duration and scope of the operation are unclear.

Workers’ demands include a raise, reduction in cleaning room workload, and better Prevent customer aggression and harassment and more.

“Rent, food, gas, everything is going up, but our wages are not. After the pandemic, the workload is overloaded.” “We are seeing this across the city. Lino “All our casinos are overloaded,” Paredes told the Nevada Independent in perfect Spanish. “Union leaders and employers at MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment Corp. and Wynn Resorts are at the bargaining table. If an agreement is not reached, striking companies could include Bellagio,Excalibur , Caesars Palace, Flamingo, Paris and Planet Hollywood.

Strike by 50,000 Las Vegas workers could lead to c...

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  • This text highlights the ongoing labor dispute in Las Vegas, where thousands of casino employees are demanding better wages and working conditions. The strike is largely supported by the Latino community, with the union representing the workers voting overwhelmingly in favor of the protest.

  • This text highlights the recent demands by Las Vegas casino employees for better working conditions and an increase in wages. The strike, which is expected to involve a significant number of Latino workers, has received support from the majority of the Las Vegas Culinary Workers and Servers Union. The outcome of the negotiations between union leaders and employers at prominent resorts such as MGM Resorts, Caesars Entertainment Corp., and Wynn Resorts will determine the potential inclusion of major establishments in the strike.

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