Stars win titles at KSOP GGPoker Online; listen

Andre Leo, Peterson Machado, Leo Souza and Mariano...

KSOP GGPoker Online continues to take place on the tables of the world’s largest poker site, with some regulars winning major championships. This Friday (29th) the winners were André Leão, Peterson Machado, Léo Souza and Mariano Jimenez.

First place in Event No. 23 ($200 High Roller PKO), which had a field of 27 participants and André Leão, “Dr. SigFreud” emerged as the winner, winning 2,367 Dollar. Bruno Porto “James Blake” (2nd – $1,084) and Jorge Osuna (3rd – $740) rounded out the podium.

In Event 24, the $50 PLO Show, leader Peterson Machado became the overall winner after defeating 52 competitors. He raised $772. The three-way draw was conducted by “99Jump” (2nd place – $558) and Bruno Porto “James Blake” (3rd place – $404).

A total of 53 contestants took part in the $27$50 Texas Music Festival, also held at event #, with the final stage of the online main event won by Mariano Jimenez of Argentina champion. He pocketed $612. Carlos Serrano’s “crumbs” (2nd – $480) and “YesStress” (3rd – $377) also performed well.

Finally in Event #25 ($25). The NLH Hyper) title went to Rio champion Léo Souza from The Team. The star defeated 58 opponents to take home $398 in rewards and the beautiful KSOP GGPoker trophy. André Leão “Dr SigFreud” (2nd place – $290) and “kingperu77” (3rd place – $212) completed the podium.

Andre Leo, Peterson Machado, Leo Souza and Mariano...

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  • This text highlights the success of regulars at the KSOP GGPoker Online tournament, with André Leão, Peterson Machado, Léo Souza, and Mariano Jimenez emerging as the winners in different events. It provides information about their cash prizes and rankings, demonstrating their abilities in the poker competitions.

  • This text describes the recent victories of several players in the KSOP GGPoker Online tournament. The winners of different events were André Leão, Peterson Machado, Léo Souza, and Mariano Jimenez, with each player earning cash prizes and recognition for their achievements.

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