Rocket Series Returns to KKPoker with Over $60,000 in Guaranteed Prizes

Rocket Series Returns to KKPoker with Over $60,000...

October is off to a hot start for KKPoker. Starting Sunday the 1st, players will find extremely affordable tournaments in another version of the Rocket Series. As usual, only the buy-in fee will be low. With outstanding guarantees of over $60,000 in total prize money, this contest is perfect for anyone looking to improve their credit.

3K GTD Freeroll

The series begins with a Freeroll. This Sunday at 4pm (BST) players from across the country will be competing for a $3,000 prize without having to invest a penny. Prizes also include tickets to other tournaments in the series.

Rocket PKO 25K GTD

This may sound like a joke, but it’s not. The Main Event has a guaranteed prize of $25,000 and a buy-in of just $1. A total of 25 qualifying rounds will take place until the final day, which is scheduled to take place on Friday the 6th at 8pm (Brasília time).

Rocket Bounty 30K GTD

Also on Friday at 10pm, Rocket Bounty 30K GTD concludes. The tournament’s “High Roller” buy-in is $30. Those who come to the KKPoker Brasil tables will have the chance to compete against 15 special guests for $100 each, with an additional $1,500 in the guaranteed prize pool.


Throughout the week, KKPoker is also hosting daily satellite tournaments, the Rocket Bounty 30K GTD, with buy-ins as low as $2.

This series is ideal for those with limited balances, as multiple tournaments can be entered using the platform’s minimum deposit.

Rocket Series Returns to KKPoker with Over $60,000...

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  • This text is promoting KKPoker’s Rocket Series tournaments for the month of October. It highlights the affordable buy-ins, high prize guarantees, and the opportunity to improve one’s credit through playing. Overall, it seems like a good opportunity for players with limited balances to participate in various tournaments with the chance to win cash prizes.

  • This text seems to be promoting upcoming poker tournaments on the KKPoker platform in October. It highlights the affordable buy-ins, guaranteed prize pools, and the opportunity for players to compete for cash prizes without any investment. The text also mentions satellite tournaments for players with limited balances.

  • Adriana.trantow

    This text highlights the exciting tournaments and affordable buy-ins available on KKPoker in October, including a $3,000 Freeroll event and a $25,000 Main Event with just a $1 buy-in. Players can also participate in daily satellite tournaments for as low as $2, making it accessible for those with limited balances.

  • Columbus.rolfson

    This text promotes KKPoker’s affordable tournaments with high prize guarantees in October. It highlights the series’ variety of events, including a $3,000 Freeroll, a $25,000 Main Event with a $1 buy-in, and a Bounty tournament with a $30 buy-in. Overall, it seems like a great opportunity for players looking to compete for big prizes without breaking the bank.

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