Player disqualified from EPT Prague Main Event for attacking opponent

Player disqualified from EPT Prague Main Event for...

Towards the end of Day 1B of the EPT Prague Main Event, Italian Michele Nizzardelli was disqualified after punching Ghattas Kortas in the face.

The two had a disagreement over a controversial pot involving one of Nizzardelli’s checks. Walk along the river. According to PokerNews , they were soon involved in a preflop all-in push. When A♠K♣ came up against 10♠10♥, Nizzardelli beat him on the K♦4♥7♥Q♣J♠ board and his opponent fell.

Very annoyed, Kortas walked up behind Nizzardelli and knocked his hat off as he left. The Italian then immediately left the table and pushed Cortas backwards.

The Swede in turn moved toward Nizardelli, who raised his fists against Cota. When they confronted, Nizardelli punched Cortas in the nose, knocking him unconscious.

Kortas manages to stand up and asks the other players if everything is okay with his face. Game security was called and they escorted Nizzardelli out of the lobby.

Nizzardelli’s chips were removed from the table and he was disqualified. EPT management has not said whether he will be subject to further punishment.

In an interview with the Assopoker website, Nizzardelli stated that Kortas faked the attack.

“I didn’t.” Even though he was sure if I hit him, he emphasized the hit as if he was a player who needed a penalty>

“Ten minutes later I went to He apologized, and he accepted it. We hugged each other, and he obviously understood that he had made a mistake.

Player disqualified from EPT Prague Main Event for...

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  • Carroll.alanna

    The text describes a physical altercation between two poker players during a tournament, resulting in one player being disqualified. The player who was disqualified claims that the other player faked the attack, but later apologized and they resolved the conflict.

  • This text describes a violent incident that occurred during a poker tournament where a player was disqualified for punching another player. The player who was punched initially denied the incident but later apologized and accepted that he had made a mistake.

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