Pituco Wins Iguazu Poker Tour Marathon High Roller Event

Pituco Wins Iguazu Poker Tour Marathon High Roller...

Iguazu Poker TourThe third and most expensive event is a true marathon. The $2,000 buy-in High Roller had a wild final day that lasted 17 hours from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Saturday to Sunday at 8 a.m., ending with Brazilian fun.

After such a battle and an all-or-nothing duel that lasted for an hour and a half. Bye-bye in the sunshine on Sunday, Claudio Pituco was crowned champion after defeating Blas Torres, who started the day with the chip lead.

Blas Torres finished second after 17 hours of racing.

For his outstanding performance, Pituco won the trophy and the top prize of $29,000, while the Argentinian runner-up received $19,000. The podium was completed by Colombian José Ferro at a cost of $12,000.

Open registration opens on Day 2 and the last day this Saturday/Sunday, so final numbers have not yet been released for the end of Tier 15. That’s how high rollers at the $70,000-guaranteed Iguazu Poker Tour paid out $101,150 through 83 entries.

Before the final Ten contestants broke into the box office, the bonus bubble, and in the end, Claudio Botti was eliminated in 11th place, becoming the last person without money.

High Roller – Iguazu Poker Tour #3

Buy-in: $2,000

Ents: 83

Pot :$101,150

Final Rating

1° Claudio Pituco – $29,0002. Blas Torres – $19,0003. Jose Ferro – $12,0004. Federico Tour – $9,8005° Hernán Creixell – $7,3006. Sebastian Lobo – $6,4007° Maximiliano Essayan – $5,3008° Fabio Murakami Teruyuki – $4,7509° George Hajar – $4,00010° Diego Dos Santos – $3,600

Iguazu Poker Tour High Roller Final Table.

Pituco Wins Iguazu Poker Tour Marathon High Roller...

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  • This text provides an overview of the Iguazu Poker Tour’s third and most expensive event, the High Roller tournament. It highlights the intense final day that lasted for 17 hours, with Claudio Pituco emerging as the champion and winning the top prize of $29,000. It also mentions the total prize pool of $101,150 and provides the ranking of the top ten contestants.

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    This text provides a detailed account of the Iguazu Poker Tour High Roller event, including the duration, winners, and prize amounts. It also mentions the number of entries and the overall payout for the tournament.

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    I think this text provides a detailed and exciting summary of the High Roller event at the Iguazu Poker Tour. It highlights the intense competition, long hours of play, and the impressive payouts for the top finishers. Overall, it seems like a thrilling and high-stakes poker tournament.

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