Last chance to qualify for the WSOP Online Main Event

Contenders for last week's WSOP Online Championshi...

The final week of the WSOP Online is underway on PokerOK. There are only a few gold bracelets left in the show. That includes the massive Main Event, which offers a whopping $25,000,000 in prize money. The winner will receive a title, a gold bracelet and dozens of other perks.

This year’s Main Event will definitely take place without overlays. The second day of the final day is scheduled for October 2 and there are still a few starter flights in the hall, with guarantees already exceeded by almost 75%.

Contest eligibility is not possible until Monday night. There’s even live low-cost satellites at 6:30 p.m., so you can catch the last launch in time.

It’s still only the middle of the week, so here’s your chance to attend the most important event of the fall at a dirt-cheap price. The most adventurous players can start with the Dollar Satellite.

When you start using them, the grid looks like this:

$1 Step to $25M – $15 Step Ticket – Step Ticket Worth $108 – 2 to 8 tickets per day, 1 worth $5,000.

Players have a variety of satellites to choose from. For example, there’s the option to start at $6, enter the $60 First Place Handicap here and be guaranteed a spot in the $600 final, where up to 10 tickets will be drawn.

There are only 4 ticket launch popups remaining in the program: September 28th and 30th and October 1st and 2nd. Later dates may be crowded with players accustomed to jumping on the “last bandwagon.”

But you don’t even have to play in a tournament to make money playing the WSOP Online Main Event on PokerOK. Simply buying stocks of the most promising poker players is enough. If you bet right, you can turn a few dollars into five figures. Some players are already sold out, but there are still dozens of participants in the hall who could go far in the fall’s most prestigious tournament.

Contenders for last week's WSOP Online Championshi...

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  • This text is promoting the final week of the WSOP Online on PokerOK, highlighting the remaining gold bracelets up for grabs, including the Main Event with a massive prize pool of $25 million. It also mentions the opportunity to participate through low-cost satellites and the possibility of making money by investing in promising players.

  • This text provides information about the final week of the WSOP Online on PokerOK, highlighting the remaining gold bracelets and the massive $25,000,000 prize money for the Main Event. It also mentions the availability of low-cost satellites and the opportunity to make money by buying stocks of promising poker players.

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