Jon Glendenning Joins WPT Prime Championship FT

Jon Glendenning Joins WPT Prime Championship FT

Jon Glendenning could win the biggest prize of his entire career before heading to the World Championships. At the end of Day 3 of WPT Prime, he led the nine finalists with 72,600,000 chips (approximately 73 BBS).

To win the title, Glendenning had to go through a tournament run by names like Calvin Anderson (61,200,000) and Mukul Pahuja (17,900,000), both pros with multiple WSOP bracelets and over $3.5 million in prize money.

WPT Prime, the most important warm-up event for the World Championship, secured a huge prize pool of US$10,196,410 after 1,100 entries were registered. Brazil’s best player is Vito Coutinho. He was eliminated in 49th place and received $19,800.

The match will start at 7:00 PM (Brazil time) with blinds of 500,000/1,000,000 and BB -Ante continues.

Number of chips

First place: Calvin Anderson (USA) 61,200,000

Second place: Valeriy Pak (Uzbekistan) 60,200,000

Third place: Guo Yuebin (USA) 32,600,000

Fourth place: Aaron Pinson (USA) 45,900,000

Fifth place: Tri Dao (China) 16,500,000

Sixth place: Bob Buckenmayer Bob Buckenmayer 46,600,000

Seventh place: Mukul Pahuja (USA) 17,900,000

Eighth place: Jon Glendenning (USA) 72,600,000

Ninth place: Jay Lujie Lu67, 900,000


1. 1,386,280 US dollars

2 . $910,000

3. $675,000

4. $505,000

5. $380,000

6. $290,000

7. $225,000

8. $173,000

9. $135,850

Jon Glendenning Joins WPT Prime Championship FT

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  • Krajcik.billie

    It seems like Jon Glendenning is in a strong position to win the biggest prize of his career at the WPT Prime, with a substantial chip lead over other experienced players. The prize pool for the event is significant, attracting top players from around the world.

  • This text provides information about the current chip counts and rankings of the finalists in the WPT Prime tournament, highlighting Jon Glendenning as the chip leader. It also mentions notable players and their achievements, as well as the prize pool and payouts for the top nine finishers.

  • Martine.erdman

    This text highlights Jon Glendenning’s impressive chip lead at the WPT Prime event and the tough competition he faces from experienced pros like Calvin Anderson and Mukul Pahuja. With a massive prize pool and high stakes, Glendenning has a chance to secure a career-defining win before heading to the World Championships.

  • This text describes a high-stakes poker tournament where Jon Glendenning is leading the nine finalists and could win a significant cash prize before the World Championships. The competition includes pro players with impressive track records, making it a challenging and exciting event to watch.

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