Get out of jail and head straight for the exit with Winamax Sunday Surprise.

Get out of jail and head straight for the exit wit...

The next WinamaxSunday Surprise prize will allow us to acquire Madrid’s most famous street, own its train station and, for a large fee, complete the city’s most Selected parts of Capital.

Sunday 8.30pm The winner of the classic 6-a-side KO format will receive an additional €3,000 to regain Monopoly tickets Expressos is a well-known activity, which transforms the hall into a game board on which to play with heels, trolleys and top hats.

But not all prizes depend on the success of the real estate auction in Expressos, the lucky winner will get how to always be the first winner to share in the tournament’s guaranteed prize money of 100,000 euros.

However, please note that the promotion is valid for a limited time only.

Gift Details:

  • Sunday’s winner will receive Expresso tickets worth €3,000 as part of the Expresso x MONOPOLY offer.
  • The winner can decide how to use his ticket.
  • Unused tickets will expire when the promotion ends on Monday, October 16 at 10:00 AM.

You can also use this course to enter the final qualifiers for Mysterious Million Weeks. The anniversary of the MTT Lobby’s launch of the safe format is the perfect time to host a special multi-flight event, with a buy-in of €50 and a guarantee of €1,000,000, which ends on October 11th.

This game has proven to be a special occasion for grinders last week, and if you already have a stethoscope on hand and are ready to pick the lock on your safe, here’s how to get another promotion There’s never a shortage – is there? Interested in trying live poker? ? Well, Winamax Poker Tour track. Are you already a rug veteran? Then there’s theBattle of Malta‘s satellite.

Get out of jail and head straight for the exit wit...

Comments (2)

  • This text seems to be promoting a poker tournament on Winamax with various prizes, including the opportunity to acquire parts of Madrid and participate in other events. The winner will receive €3,000 in Expresso tickets and have the chance to win a share of a €100,000 guaranteed prize pool.

  • This text is promoting an upcoming poker tournament on WinamaxSunday Surprise with a grand prize of acquiring famous landmarks in Madrid. The winner will also receive additional money and Monopoly tickets. The promotion is valid for a limited time, and there are other poker events available for players interested in trying live poker or competing in satellite tournaments.

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