Deja vu! Konnikova serves as ambassador again

Deja vu! Konnikova serves as ambassador again

They say Good company always comes home and this statement seems to be confirmed by Maria Konnikova who announced that they will be back to join her team at the former online poker room .

Through social networks, the American writer and player announced that she has signed a new ambassador contract to represent PokerStars. It’s been almost four years since they broke up.

This seems to be a predictable strategic move, as theonline space has recently re-emerged with live festivals announced in the United States The North American Poker Tour will be held at Resorts World in Las Vegas in early November.

I’m excited to return to @PokerStars as an Ambassador @PokerStarsUSA. I’m looking forward to this trip! ♠️🃏♥️

— Maria Konnikova (@mkonnikova) September 28, 2023

“I’m excited to join @PokerStars as a @PokerStarsUSA Ambassador” I’m looking forward to this journey! ” Konnikova has won money at 33 different events around the world, but before that she was a Harvard psychologist whose literary work The Biggest Bluff explores the interplay between gaming skills and .Life skills.

She received training from Erik Seidel, which helped her become the winner of Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure 2018, even though she didn’t even Know the rules of the game from the beginningIn 2017, I came into contact with American professional players.

Deja vu! Konnikova serves as ambassador again

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  • This text discusses how Maria Konnikova, an American writer and poker player, has announced her return to PokerStars as an ambassador after almost four years apart. This move seems to be strategic considering the recent resurgence of live poker events in the United States. Konnikova’s success in various poker tournaments and her background as a Harvard psychologist bring an interesting perspective to the interplay between gaming and life skills.

  • I think this text highlights Maria Konnikova’s return to PokerStars as an ambassador, which seems to be a strategic move given the resurgence of the online poker industry and live festivals in the United States. Konnikova’s background as a Harvard psychologist-turned-poker player adds an interesting dynamic to her journey and success in the game.

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