BSOP Millions: Saulo Sabioni VS Mixed Stud 8 Omaha 8

Saulo Sabioni focuses on mixed play and wins BSOP...

For fans of mixed games, BSOP Millions is a real treat with exciting contests every day. A regular at these tournaments returned to the Mixed Stud 8 Omaha 8 table on Tuesday, where Saulo Sabioni emerged victorious after several hours of action.

A two-time BSOP Main Event winner, including the 2017 Million, Sabioni is a partner on the Suits Poker team and has been competing hard in the Tour’s Championship Series to hone his skills in these Tips in the game. He beat 50 contestants in the R$ 2,000 tournament and received a prize of R$ 23,000.

He was delighted with his win but exhausted in the Sheraton Hall at the World Trade Center. Saulo Sabioni won the biggest award of his career, and he said this about his 2023 learning hybrid game. New Adventures:

“Very cool, hybrid games are something I’ve learned, try to learn more and play more” . Winning the BSOP Millions tournament I was in was very special. I won my most important championships in this room between 2017 and 2018. It’s very special to win another race here, in a sport where I challenge myself even more. I had some goals in Mixed Doubles, I played a lot in the WCOOP, and the goal coming here was to play a lot in the Mixed Series. It’s a new challenge that’s exciting to take into my career, and it’s fun to play and learn. It’s a different feeling,” he said.

Like other tournaments, Salo met regular players from different disciplines on the field. Among them were international players. This pursuit of learning is what Sabbioni wants to fight against Qualified Opponent’s:

“I was surprised by the quality of the field. I thought it would be easier, but when I saw all these gringos, internet stars, it made sense to me that they were here to hang out. It makes the field a lot bigger, and it’s great to play with these guys and go through this experience with them, especially since I’m new to mixing grinds. That’s it. It’s nice to see how these regular players play, it’s really cool,” he said.

At the final table he faced Leandro Ruy, Waltrudes Neto, Aloísio Dourado, Marcelo Cunha “Nhonho , Tales Alcântara and Marcelo Valadares (“Marceleza”) are currently leading the rankings. At Omaha 8, Saulo defeated the Miners heads-up to take the win.

Before the end of the BSOP Millions One week, Saulo revealed the rest of his performance: “This is who I am, following my lines. I played a few Texas Hold’em tournaments, R$25,000, R$50,000 and two main events, the rest was just mixed games. I didn’t end up playing the R$25,000 LAPT and the rest was basically “a mixed bag, I’ve had a few wins lately and I want to qualify more and more so I can try to win a bracelet at the 2024 WSOP” ”, concluded the champion.

See the full prize pool:

1. – Saulo Sabioni – R$ 23,000

2. – Marcelo Valladares “Marceleza” – R$16,000

3 – Tales Alcântara – R$11,100

4. – Marcelo Cunha “Nhonho” – R$ 8,200

5. – Aloísio Dourado – R$ 6,350

6. – Walrudes Neto – R$ 4,750

7. – Leandro Ruy – R$ 3,850

Saulo Sabioni focuses on mixed play and wins BSOP...

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  • The text provides information about Saulo Sabioni’s victory in the mixed games tournament at BSOP Millions. It highlights his previous achievements, his dedication to improving his skills, and his excitement for hybrid games. The text also mentions the quality of the field and Sabioni’s future goals in poker.

  • Roberts.imani

    This text describes the victory of Saulo Sabioni in the BSOP Millions mixed games tournament. It highlights his accomplishments in previous tournaments and his excitement about learning and playing in hybrid games. Sabioni also comments on the high quality of the competition and his goals for future tournaments, including qualifying for the WSOP.

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    The text highlights Saulo Sabioni’s victory in the BSOP Millions Mixed Stud 8 Omaha 8 tournament, showcasing his skills and dedication to improving in hybrid games. Sabioni’s success against tough competition, including international players, demonstrates his commitment to advancing in the sport.

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    This text discusses Saulo Sabioni’s victory at the BSOP Millions Mixed Stud 8 Omaha 8 tournament, highlighting his skill and determination in the game. Sabioni’s win and his plans for future tournaments, such as the 2024 WSOP, are also mentioned.

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