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CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters February 8-12

CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters February 8-12

CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters is a great opportunity to visit one of the most beautiful provinces in Argentina. This 5-day poker festival includes 4 tournaments and starts on Thursday, February 8th.

The opening tournament will be the High Roller with a $400 buy-in and a $200 re-entry. On Friday, it’s the turn of the Main Event, with a $100,000 buy-in for 30,000 points and an additional $100,000. Earn 60 points. The main tournament will have two flights, day one, A and B.

Sunday and Monday are reserved for Second Chance ($70,000 buy-in) and Mystery Bounty ($100,000 buy-in) respectively.

Without a doubt, this is a great opportunity to visit the province and stay at the Catamarca Hotel and Casino and enjoy the pools, food, weather and poker tournaments.

CPM: Catamarca Poker Masters February 8-12

Brazil WSOP returns with 16 rings and BRL 9 million in prize money

Brazil WSOP returns with 16 rings and BRL 9 millio...

One of the most important festivals in the world has announced its first stop in Latin America, which will take place in the first quarter of this year and is expected to be WSOP Brazil.

Track from 13th start. Until March 20, in the incredible facilities of the Windsor Marapendi Hotel in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. Sixteen coveted championship rings will be awarded, but a total of 24 events will be held.

This will bethe sixth edition of the championship on Brazilian soil. It’s worth remembering that there was a short break last year since the last WSOP Brazil event was held in São Paulo in 2022. Now, there will be a new schedule and a guaranteed prize money of R$ 9 million over the eight days of competition.

“I’m excited to bring the WSOP back to Brazil.” This time to Rio de Janeiro. This is a brand that is known to every poker fan around the world and will capture the attention of players across the continent. We have been preparing for this event for a long time and we hope to go down in history as one of the largest events held outside of Las Vegas. ” said the head of the organization Rodrigo Cariola. Interview published by Superpoker.

Buy-ins range from R$10,000 to R$30,000.The Main Event has 4 departure flights Guaranteed prize pool R$2,500,000. New features include the Big Challenger, exclusive tournaments for WSOP ring and bracelet winners, andHigh Roller PLO. The festival promises to bring professional and recreational players together.

Brazil WSOP returns with 16 rings and BRL 9 millio...

Million Year Sunday: Stories and the Return of $8M GTD

Sunday Million Anniversary: ​​The Story and Its 8...

PokerStars on Thursday launched the highly anticipated 2024 Sunday Million, one of the most prestigious tournaments in online poker. Celebrating its 18th anniversary, the event promises a landmark tournament with guaranteed prize money of $8 million and a seven-figure first prize.

The promotion is set to kick off on April 7th with a direct entry price of $215 and promises to make it accessible to most players via satellite, with freerolls, spins and entry into various prize draws.

Ricardo Nagatomo is the defending champion in Sunday’s Million Anniversary Race.

The winner of this massive tournament will win at least $1 million. PokerStars offers a variety of participation options, regardless of player balance. In a separate announcement, the space announced that several of its ambassadors and anchors will be live-streaming Sunday’s Millionth Anniversary.

Guaranteed amount is $8 million. An increase of $7.5 million from the previous term. In 2023, Brazilian Ricardo Nagatomo, better known as RFN1986, defeated 39,500 players over three days of intense competition to become the $1 million champion.

The Red Spade Room is already preparing a series of satellites that can help you score prizes in this potentially life-changing competition.

The Sunday Million began on March 5, 2006, more than four years into PokerStars’ history. This time, a total of 5,983 players took part in the event and wished Daryl aaaaaaaaa Jace the first winner of the tournament with $173,843 in prize money. Jess, who is immortalized in the history books, failed to foresee the impact the newly launched Sunday Championship would have.

Last year’s anniversary was the largest to date, with a jackpot of $18,603,200.

The one-year anniversary on March 11, 2007 was a milestone in the evolution of online poker, and the Sunday Million in particular. On that first birthday, the tournament guaranteed $1.5 million in prize money and marked the first time in its short history that more than 10,000 players participated. Sunday’s Millionth Anniversary

Now a look back at Sunday’s Millionth Anniversary. It is held every year starting from the fifth year, but previously only the first year was remembered and these were the contestants who later won.

Sunday Million Anniversary: ​​The Story and Its 8...

Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR Deep Stack

Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR De...

On Monday the 4th, ace Tauan Naves bowed out of the WSOP Online $525 Bounty Hunters HR Deepstack Championship in fourth place. His balance increased by a total of $21,819.

In the $54 Bounty Hunter Daily Deepstack competition, “theMaus” took home the bronze medal and $12,862 in prize money. There were 6,039 participants in the championship.

32.10 Bounty King JR featuring Brazilian doubles. “jogadooor” defeated his compatriot Joseph “Vesenick9” Vesenick in a heads-up match for $9,877. The runner-up received $6,433.

Meanwhile, João Belotti rounded out the podium in the $444 Forty Stack Bounty HR. He earned $8,683 after defeating 141 opponents.

Also, João Simão finished fourth out of 25 entrants in the site’s $2,100 PLO High Roller, a performance that earned him $7,094. View other results:


WSOP Online: $77 LUCKY SEVENS Turbo 7-Handed “Failure33object” 2nd place $6,701 WSOP Online: $44 Forty Heap “Levistraus” 2nd place $6,457 WSOP High Roller: $525 Day Saver HR Hyper Turbo “Akariee” 4. $6,009 GGMasters Bounty $25 “trb1989” 1. $5,439 WSOP Online: $250 Main Event “Ops zikei” 7. $5,162 WSOP Online: $55 Fifty Stacks “doyourbest” 3. $5,036

Tauan Naves Fuzz FT None $525 Bounty Hunters HR De...

Breno Heleno wins $530 on PokerStars Builder HR

Breno Heleno beats Paulo Brombim in PokerStars hea...

Brazilian players scored in the PokerStars Championship on Thursday (07). With good prices, the Canarinho family significantly increased their respective balances. One of the highlights is Breno Heleno, known as “boraodota”.

In the $530 Bounty Builder HR competition, which attracted a total of 116 participants, Breno Heleno beat out compatriot Paulo Brombim “paulinhoo00” im Heads up to claim the title. They received the following bonuses: $15,998 and $7,623 respectively.

Also, Gabriel Medeiros came close to winning the Brazilian title again. Gabriel, who runs the Gremio CEM account, did very well against 2,604 participants in the $55 Mini Bounty Builder HR competition. He finished second in the tournament and earned $9,255. Finally, in the daily eliminations, professional Felipe Phil (aka “Nophilings”) from Samba Poker emerged victorious with $27 in prize money. The player competed against 1,903 entrants and emerged victorious. Phil won $6,067. See more Bounty Generators on EventPlayerPlace US $33 Breno Drumond “Breno2728” 1st place US$5,695 Bounty Generator US$109 “Originallyy” 1st place US$4,951 Bounty Generator US$44 Raphael Coelho “raphaelvgc” 1st place US$4,921 US$55 Mini Bounty Builder HR “rodrigo2595” 4. US$ 4,588 US$ 109 Mini Thursday Stimulus Thiago Azevedo “azevedo45” 3. US$ 4,570 US$ 530 Bounty Builder HR Late Edition Diogo Ferreira “offQbert45” 1. US$ 4,524 The Fast 7 US$ 55 Arthur Torres “AT_prodotico” 1. US$ 4,359 US$ 55 Daily Supersonic Victor Onizuka “darkziv” 1. US$ 4,189 Bounty Builder 162 US$ Daniel Camel “fauzika1” 1. US$ 4,138

Breno Heleno beats Paulo Brombim in PokerStars hea...

Carlos Leiva becomes the new winner of the Millonaria Finals

Carlos Leiva becomes the new winner of the Millona...

Carlos Leiva’s dream comes true: the Argentine, who excelled at the final table, becomes the Final Millonaria in Enjoy Punta del Este of the championship and awarded the winner $440,000.

After six After hours of fighting, Leiva managed to defeat his last heads-up opponent, Luis Gonzalez, who had been eliminated five times in heads-up play, and lifted the trophy, pinning the Mexican to $180,950 The price ranks second.

The 2023 edition of the Gran Final Millonaria between Argentinian Carlos Leyva and Mexican Luis Gonzalez definition.

The podium was completed by Matías Méndez with US$100,000, becoming the best local player in Punta

Leiva’s performance in this mythical championship Heading into the final day as the chip leader, this tournament is part of ACR Poker with a guaranteed $1.5 million in prize money Have a great 2023 Poker Tour. Saturday’s match started with nine players and the official FT was established when Iván Monteagudo was eliminated early in the match.

The famous “Friend of the Champion”: the track never left him.

While Leiva is no longer the day’s chip leader at this point, he has a clear target in mind when he defeats Augusto Hagen (8th, $35,000), (6th, $50,000) and Jose Berguncio (5th, $60,000) Followed by.

After Jesse Woolford retired in fourth place, Leiva prepared to eliminate the two players who separated him from victory. First, he defeated Charrúa Méndez, and then he defeated Tricolor González.

So begins Enjoy Punta’s beautiful table Punta del Este.

The Mexican has had a good year in his country’s championship and came to Enjoy Punta del Este to show off some of his highlights. That’s why he ended the season on a high note with a second-place finish.

The 2023 edition of the Millonaria Grand Final will feature 534 entrants and a prize pool of $1,500,000, distributed to players from the 53 best rankings.

Carlos Leiva becomes the new winner of the Millona...

Jon Glendenning Joins WPT Prime Championship FT

Jon Glendenning Joins WPT Prime Championship FT

Jon Glendenning could win the biggest prize of his entire career before heading to the World Championships. At the end of Day 3 of WPT Prime, he led the nine finalists with 72,600,000 chips (approximately 73 BBS).

To win the title, Glendenning had to go through a tournament run by names like Calvin Anderson (61,200,000) and Mukul Pahuja (17,900,000), both pros with multiple WSOP bracelets and over $3.5 million in prize money.

WPT Prime, the most important warm-up event for the World Championship, secured a huge prize pool of US$10,196,410 after 1,100 entries were registered. Brazil’s best player is Vito Coutinho. He was eliminated in 49th place and received $19,800.

The match will start at 7:00 PM (Brazil time) with blinds of 500,000/1,000,000 and BB -Ante continues.

Number of chips

First place: Calvin Anderson (USA) 61,200,000

Second place: Valeriy Pak (Uzbekistan) 60,200,000

Third place: Guo Yuebin (USA) 32,600,000

Fourth place: Aaron Pinson (USA) 45,900,000

Fifth place: Tri Dao (China) 16,500,000

Sixth place: Bob Buckenmayer Bob Buckenmayer 46,600,000

Seventh place: Mukul Pahuja (USA) 17,900,000

Eighth place: Jon Glendenning (USA) 72,600,000

Ninth place: Jay Lujie Lu67, 900,000


1. 1,386,280 US dollars

2 . $910,000

3. $675,000

4. $505,000

5. $380,000

6. $290,000

7. $225,000

8. $173,000

9. $135,850

Jon Glendenning Joins WPT Prime Championship FT

Player disqualified from EPT Prague Main Event for attacking opponent

Player disqualified from EPT Prague Main Event for...

Towards the end of Day 1B of the EPT Prague Main Event, Italian Michele Nizzardelli was disqualified after punching Ghattas Kortas in the face.

The two had a disagreement over a controversial pot involving one of Nizzardelli’s checks. Walk along the river. According to PokerNews , they were soon involved in a preflop all-in push. When A♠K♣ came up against 10♠10♥, Nizzardelli beat him on the K♦4♥7♥Q♣J♠ board and his opponent fell.

Very annoyed, Kortas walked up behind Nizzardelli and knocked his hat off as he left. The Italian then immediately left the table and pushed Cortas backwards.

The Swede in turn moved toward Nizardelli, who raised his fists against Cota. When they confronted, Nizardelli punched Cortas in the nose, knocking him unconscious.

Kortas manages to stand up and asks the other players if everything is okay with his face. Game security was called and they escorted Nizzardelli out of the lobby.

Nizzardelli’s chips were removed from the table and he was disqualified. EPT management has not said whether he will be subject to further punishment.

In an interview with the Assopoker website, Nizzardelli stated that Kortas faked the attack.

“I didn’t.” Even though he was sure if I hit him, he emphasized the hit as if he was a player who needed a penalty>

“Ten minutes later I went to He apologized, and he accepted it. We hugged each other, and he obviously understood that he had made a mistake.

Player disqualified from EPT Prague Main Event for... wins prize of the day in Winamax Battle Royale wins prize of the day in Winamax Battl...

Yesterday, the regular tournament was the focus of Winamax .fres. Wednesday A total of 26 tournaments with five-figure jackpots were organized in the French region, of which 528,000 euros Paid as a prize. The champions are once again diverting traffic from the all-important multi-table tournament. was the best player of the day. won the biggest prize of the day.

4 tournaments resulted in over €5,000 in prize money for the winner.

“” won €200 Battle Royale and won the biggest prize of the day: €7,522. 71 .

“Tramwesh18” won €5, 233. 29, thanks to his victory in Prime Time50 €.

“Hello World” won the Big Switch €100 (€5,415.24).

and “M .Paisting” won HighRoller250 € and received 6 €Bonus,332. 22. wins prize of the day in Winamax Battl...

GGPoker hosts free tournaments for Game of Gold viewers

GGPoker hosts free tournaments for Game of Gold vi...

Those who follow the Game of Gold show produced by GGPoker have the opportunity to learn from poker superstars for free. Even without spending any money, members of the public can win tickets to the WSOP Paradise Satellite.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9am, GGPoker will launch a new version of Game of Gold. At the same time, registration for the freeroll begins. To participate, you must redeem your password in the daily episode’s canned comments.

Freeroll action always starts at 2:00 PM (Brasília time). The $10,002 prize pool will be awarded in the form of $6 and $60 Road Paradise tickets, with players competing online for a spot in the main event, which will culminate in a live broadcast in the Bahamas.

WSOP Paradise will be held at the Atlantis Paradise Hotel from December 3-14. Big names such as Fedor Holz, Daniel Negreanu, Jason Koon, Yuri Martins and Felipe Mojave have confirmed their attendance.

GGPoker hosts free tournaments for Game of Gold vi...

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